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Apparatus for continuous treatment of a textile web

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4878365.

A method and apparatus for the continuous treatment of a textile web is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a foulard in which the textile web is provided with a first treatment bath and squeezed off to a moisture content of 60 to 100%. The web then is conducted to a gore applicator in which the web is provided with a second bath application of 40 to 100%. The second application occurs in an upright vat in which the textile web is always in contact with only a very small quantity of continually replenished treatment bath. The vat is sealed at a bottom gap by two mutually opposing inflatable hoses with one hose disposed on each side of the textile web. The hoses sealingly abut against the web and wipe off treatment bath entrained by the web to a predetermined total moisture content. In the dyeing process, the web subsequently runs into a steam apparatus and then into a washing apparatus.

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