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Open top floatable barge repair box with barge to box sealing system

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4872781.

The present disclosure is directed to a watertight floodable barge repair box of generally L-shape, viewed from its end, having a leg and a foot. The leg has an open front and the foot has an open top so that the box may be placed against the side of the barge and the foot beneath its bottom. A flexible waterproof membrane strip has one edge secured to a flat bar anchoring plate welded to the repair box adjacent its leg and foot openings upset at an angle thereto. A backing of flat rubber conveyor belt is bolted between the waterproof membrane and flat anchoring plate. The waterproof membrane is of a width to overlap the connection between the barge hull and barge repair box when the repair box is in place against the barge in a flooded down condition in a body of water. Cable harness or other suitable lines or chains are used to maintain the barge in place against the repair box. A tie down system of lines are connected between the free edge of the waterproof membrane and the work box is employed to keep the free edge of the membrane from becoming engaged between the barge and work box during securing of the barge to the box. The free end of the waterproof membrane is released after the work box and barge have been secured together permitting it to float up and form a watertight seal between the barge and box prior to pumping water from the repair box.

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