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Cutting of material for obtaining a portion of predetermined weight

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #4868951.

Automatic cutting of pieces of material for obtaining a cut portion having a predetermined weight is performed by an apparatus and process in which the pieces to be cut are first weighed and then cut to obtain a portion having a predetermined weight. The pieces to be cut are transported on adjacent parallel conveyors adapted to travel in the same direction at substantially the same speed, a portion of each piece being transported on each conveyor. At least one of the conveyors includes at least one load-bearing platform, each load-bearing platform being associated with a weighing machine for performing, at least once, weighing of at least a portion of each piece to be cut at least once. After weighing, the pieces then may be moved transversely relative to the direction of travel of the conveyors for positioning the pieces for cutting by a cutting device which receives the transported pieces from the conveyors and then cuts them parallel to their direction of travel for obtaining a cut portion having the predetermined weight. Alternatively, the cutting device is moved transversely for cutting for obtaining a cut portion having the predetermined weight. A control device provides for controlling movement of the means for moving the pieces transversely and for controlling movement and positioning of the cutting device with respect to the weights determined.

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