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Loosely coupled distributed computer system with node synchronization for precision in real time applications

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4866606.

A loosely coupled distributed computer system provided with node synchronization for precision in real time applications includes a number of loosely coupled node computers. Each computer includes a local real time clock, I/O subsystems, and a communication unit. The computers are connected to each other by a transmission medium for serial communication. Each computer contains a synchronization unit for synchronization of the local real time clocks in each of the computer nodes with the real time clocks of other nodes. Each synchronization unit is connected with a digital output line of its associated local real time clock for supply of unsynchronized time signals from the digital output line to a digital input of the synchronization unit. The latter also has a digital output supplying global synchronized time signals to digital inputs of other I/O subsystems and is operatively connected with the communication unit for obtaining therefrom information as to the point of time of sending a message. The synchronization unit generates global synchronized time signals on its digital output line as a function of the time of an information from a sender and the arrival time information of other computer systems.

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