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Movement monitor

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4862144.

This invention relates to a movement monitor that is suitable for detecting movement, and also provides an alarm should movement that is being monitored cease. The movement monitor is particularly suitable for use with humans or other living organisms where breathing movement is being monitored. In considering the use of the movement monitor on human infants, it is particularly useful for preventing death from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The movement monitor comprises a rigid base member for supporting the moving object which is being monitored, and is provided with a reaction means which is secured to the base member and arranged to extend over and be held in contact with the moving object. A transducer is placed between the rigid base member and the moving object such that when movement occurs, the reaction means causes force to be applied to the transducer. The use of the reaction means provides a more positive application of movement force to the transducer thereby providing a greater deal of reliability in detecting movement. The output from the transducer is connected to a circuit means which is arranged to provide an alarm should the output from the transducer sense no movement from the moving object.

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