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Nuclear reactor core restraint

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4859400.

A nuclear reactor fuel core assembly comprises an array of sub-assemblies comprising a central zone of fuel/breeder sub-assemblies (20F) surrounded by an annular zone of shielding sub-assemblies (20S). The fuel/breeder sub-assemblies (20F) are flexibly mounted from the reactor diagrid top plate 26 while the shielding sub-assemblies (20S) are mounted as stiff cantilevers so as to provide resilient restraint against bow of the central sub-assemblies (20S) during reactor operation, the restraint being exerted via abutment pads (40) at the level of the tops of the sub-assemblies (20S, 20F). The central core sub-assemblies (20F) also have abutment pads (34) at a lower level to form a lower restraint plane at this level controlling sub-assembly bowing in the central core zone.

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