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Device for providing enhanced movement of a person's truncal muscles and spine

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4858918.

A device providing enhanced movements of a person's truncal spinal muscles and joints comprises a flat base for supporting a person in position where there is minimal axial gravity loading of the spine. Relative motion between the upper (thoracic) and lower (pelvic) portions of the person's trunk occurs while the person remains in the gravity unloaded position. The base mounts a fixed portion and a pivoting or swiveling portion. In the preferred embodiment the user assumes an all fours position and by kneeling or leaning on the swiveling portion engages in a swiveling motion of the body which causes the upper and lower portions of the trunk to move relative to each other. Normal motion is in the frontal and traverse planes of the body. Movement in the transverse plane can be enhanced by incorporating a sloped structure for the swiveling portion of the device to follow. Simultaneous movement in the sagittal plane can also be obtained by having the user flex or extend his body during the exercise. The two supports for the hands and knees can be mounted on the same base, mounted in a telescoping or adjustable fashion or positioned in separate but adjacent locations. Extra supports can be used if a person is unable to support one or another portion of his body on his own. The swiveling portion of the unit can be moved either by the person's own exertions or his exertions can be separately assisted by a motor drive.

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