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Hair roller heating device

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4852546.

A portable hair roller heating device includes a housing defined by top, side and bottom walls, the top wall including apertures through which elongated hair rollers can be inserted into the housing; a heating chamber in the housing for heating the hair rollers inserted through the apertures; two burner tubes with free ends extending into the heating chamber; a fuel delivery system for supplying fuel to the heating chamber through the burner tubes; an ignition device for igniting the fuel supplied to the heating chamber by the burner tubes so as to heat the chamber; a plurality of heat conducting tubes positioned adjacent the heating chamber and in line with the plurality of apertures for supporting the hair rollers in the housing and for conducting heat to the hair rollers from the heating chamber; a first screw-threaded well in the top wall for removably connecting a fuel supply cartridge thereto in an inoperative state when the heating appliance is not being used; a second screw-threaded well in the bottom wall for removably connecting the fuel supply cartridge thereto to supply fuel to the fuel delivery system when the heating appliance is in use; and a removable cover selectively connectable to either the top wall to cover portions of the hair rollers extending through the top wall and the cartridge in the first well, or the bottom wall of the housing so as to support the housing and the cartridge in the second well.

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