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Method and apparatus for high speed pouch and bag making

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #4849040.

A method and apparatus for high speed pouch or bag making from thin, extensible heat-sensitive thermoplastic film webs or multiple webs of paper, film and foil in which the seal pattern may be simple or complex sealing and in which the method is applied to a continuously moving web and sealing is achieved at temperatures below the softening temperatures of the film or the sealing interfaces. A method of forming an open pouch comprising the steps of continuously pulling an elongated web of pouch forming material at a constant speed along a pouch making path which extends continuously through a web coating station, a web collating station, an Electron Beam curing station and a web cutting station. A pattern of E.B. curable adhesive is applied to a first surface of a first continuous web of pouch forming material as it is pulled continuously through the web coating station to render the interface bondable at a seal pattern and non-bondable in the area of the storage compartment when subjected to Electron Beam radiation. A second web is directed into a face-to-face relationship with the first web in the collating station and the collated webs are pulled through the E.B. curing station and irradiated with E.B. radiation to bond without heat distortion the bondable areas of the web at the interface while leaving the non-bondable areas free from securement and the pouches are cut from the webs by slitting into ribbons and transverse cutting individual pouches and stacking same.

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