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Roll feed apparatus

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #4848636.

A roll feed apparatus for intermittently feeding a strip by a constant length into manufacturing machines. A pair of first and second rolls and a pair of first and second brake shoes are arranged along a strip transporting path. The rolls move swingingly in a strip transporting direction to transport the strip clamped between the rolls. The rolls move away from each other when they swingingly move in a direction opposite to the strip transporting direction. First and second cams are mounted respectively on outer and inner shaft members of a drive shaft for rotation therewith. The inner shaft member can be adjusted in its angular position relative to the outer shaft member. The cams are operatively connected to the second brake shoe. The cams can be positioned at such a relative position therebetween that the cams cause the brake shoes to clamp the strip therebetween to fix the strip during a period for which the rolls do not transport the strip, and at a point of time during the period, one of the cams causes the brake shoes to release the strip temporarily.

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