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Semi-automatic stuffing machine, casing brake and turret assembly

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4847953.

An improved stuffing horn and casing brake combination in a stuffing machine. The combination comprises a stuffing horn defining a discharge opening, adapted to receive casing, and having two specialized portions. The specialized portions are a first horn portion and a second horn portion, where the first horn portion has first-horn-portion outer dimensions and the second horn portion has second-horn-portion outer dimensions which are reduced in comparison to the first-horn-portion dimensions. The combination further comprises a casing brake mechanism for intermittently braking the movement of causing from the stuffing horn past the discharge opening by applying tension to the casing on the horn, and also having two specialized portions. The two specialized brake portions are a first brake portion and a second break portion, where the break portions have internal dimensions sized relative to the horn-portion dimensions for applying tension to casing on the horn between the first brake portion and only the first horn portion, or between both brake portions and only the first horn portion, when either the first brake portion is, or both portions are, in a braking position relative to the first horn portion.

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