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Rowing machine

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4846460.

A compact portable rowing machine features a hollow container that holds a supply of water. Pulling on a drive cord during a pulling segment of a stroke rotates a paddle or like mechanism located within the container to rotate the water to produce a monentum effect. Turbulence in the water provides fluid resistance to the rotation of the paddle. A drive cord is wrapped on a double spool mounted on a clutch to drive the paddle in one direction. The wrapping is such that changing the length of the drive cord between the spool and a handle gripped by a user changes the radius at which tangential force is applied by the cord to the spool to vary the resistance of the machine. In one form the drive cord also forms a portion of the recoil mechanism as a continuous closed loop strap secured at its ends to different spools of a double spool. A continuous portion of the drive cord located between the handle and one spool is to secured to the handle. The handle is constructed so that in a normal operating orientation its position on the strap is fixed, but in an unlocked orientation it may be moved any degree to increase or decrease the resistance of the machine.

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