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Installation for the surface treatment of workpieces

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4844232.

An installation for the surface treatment of workpieces has a housing with a treatment chamber. The workpieces are conveyed through the chamber by an apparatus which continuously advances the workpieces while simultaneously tumbling the same. The apparatus includes an elongated, generally horizontal cage-like receptacle which extends through the chamber and a motor for rotating the receptacle on its longitudinal axis to thereby tumble the workpieces. The receptacle has an end wall to either side of the chamber and the end walls are joined to one another by a tubular shell made up of a series of elongated components such as rods or wires. The elongated components, which are parallel to the longitudinal axis of the receptacle, are circumferentially spaced so that a medium for the surface treatment of workpieces being tumbled in the shell can penetrate the latter. The end walls of the receptacle can be pivoted so that the normals to the end walls make an acute angle with the longitudinal axis of the receptacle and this results in lengthwise movement of the elongated components as the receptacle rotates. Such lengthwise movement causes the workpieces to advance through the treatment chamber as the workpieces are tumbled. The elongated components are connected to one another, at least in the portion of the shell which is located in the chamber, in order to strengthen the shell and to allow the latter to confine flat workpieces.

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