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Machine for digging a putting cup hole

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4836294.

A putting cup hole digging machine is disclosed which comprises a main frame which has a fore and aft extent; a first mounting means for securing the main frame on a vehicle to permit the main frame to be vertically raised and lowered relative to the vehicle; and a first raise-lower means secured to the main frame for raising and lowering it relative to the vehicle. The machine also includes a subframe secured on the main frame by a second mounting means permitting pivotal movement of the subframe about a second horizontal axis and fore and aft movement of the subframe relative to the main frame; a cutter for cutting the cylindrical turf plug which is mounted on the subframe; and a third mounting means for securing the cutter on the subframe for vertical movement to raised and lowered positions relative to the subframe and for rotary movement relative to the subframe about a third axis. A second raise and lower means is provided to move the cutter between its raised and lowered positions. The machine also includes a drive means secured to the cutter for rotating it about the third axis; and plug ejection means mounted on the subframe and selectively operable to eject the turf plug.

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