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Start system batting unit and method

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #4834375.

An improved method and apparatus for technique and accelerated reaction training of a batter in a batter training program. In the arrangement, a plurality of different batting reaction patterns to be executed by the batter are defined by the selective energization of one of an array of lights positioned visibly in front of the batter. Each light signifies a different particular batting reaction pattern to be executed by the batter. At least one and preferably two batting tees are positioned with respect to an indicated home plate in front of the batter, such that the batter addresses home plate during the batter training program. Each batting tee has one light of the light array associated therewith, such that when a particular light associated with a particular batting tee is energized, the batter reacts by attempting to bat the ball off of that particular batting tee within a given programmed time period. The system determines whether the actual time period of batting response from the energization of the light to the hitting of the ball off of the batting tee is within the programmed time period. The system then activates an acoustic transducer at the end of the programmed time period to audibly signal to the batter whether or not he has hit the ball off of the tee within the programmed time period. A first frequency sound tone is generated when the batter hits the ball off of the tee within the programmed time period, and a second, lower frequency sound tone is generated when the batter fails to do so.

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