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V-type multiple cylinder engine

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4829943.

An intake apparatus for a V-type multiple cylinder engine in which cylinder rows are arranged as a pair and intake ports are disposed to face each other on an inside thereof. The intake apparatus comprises an intake manifold having a collecting section in substantially the central portion of a V-shape arrangement and branches each extending radially from the collecting section. An annular whirling chamber is mounted on the collecting section of the intake manifold and the whirling chamber is provided at the inner peripheral portion with an annular slit in communication with the collecting section. The degree of opening of the slit can be controlled by locating a regulating member such as piston valve for facilitating the atomization and vaporization of the fuel in all operating region. The collecting section may be disposed downwardly in the V-shaped arrangement so that the branches extend upwardly from the collecting section, whereby the overall height of the engine is reduced.

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