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Method and apparatus for correlating test information

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4829431.

A method and apparatus for storing a relationship between individual elements of two or more knowledge sets includes a main computer (12) that is operable to receive a portable memory cartridge (20). The computer (12) has an input keypad (16), a storage medium (18) and a display (14). A coordinate transducer (24) is provided to input the coordinates from a test sheet (26). The test sheet (26) has a pattern of knowledge elements in a question and answer format. The relationship between the questions and answers is predetermined and is stored in the portable memory cartridge (20). The coordinate transducer (24) provides for input of the coordinates of the question and answer on the test sheet for storage in the computer. After storage, selection of the coordinates of a particular question is followed by selection of the coordinates of an answer and comparison made by the computer (12) with the stored relationship in the portable cartridge (20). A true comparison results in a correct answer and a false comparison results in an incorrect answer.

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