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Device for the internal occlusion of tubular foundation piles

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4826357.

The device for the occlusion of the internal clearance of tubular foundation piles according to the invention comprises a plug, consisting of a shutter and a deforming ring cooperating with a deformation fixture capable to impart to the plug the opening position for its blockage within the pile, wherein the shutter consists of a cylindrical body which can be restrained by the deformation fixture, having close to its upper margin a plurality of axially oriented lamellar elements, which can be laterally deflected as a result of the insertion of the deforming ring into the cylindrical body under the action of the deforming fixture, going from a configuration with a smaller external diameter than the one of the rings previously fastened in the pile for this purpose, to a configuration with a larger diameter than the one of the same rings.

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