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Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4826324.

A kneader-mixer performs mechanical, thermal and/or chemical processes with products which are in the liquid, viscous-pasty and/or free flowing state and includes an elongated hollow casing having an axis of elongation and having axially separated product inlet and product outlet ports. The casing has an inner wall. A kneading shaft in the casing is aligned with the axis and is rotatable thereabout. A plurality of kneading arms secured to the shaft extend radially outward therefrom in the casing. The arms are spaced axially along the shaft. A plurality of flat disc elements are disposed in the casing and lie in spaced parallel planes disposed at right angles to the shaft. Each element defines a circular sector spaced from the shaft and is secured to the inner wall of the casing. Each element is disposed adjacent a kneading arm which cleans the adjacent surface of the element as the shaft rotates. Each disc has secured thereto in a position adjacent but spaced from the shaft a corresponding axially extending kneading counter element. The counter elements are spaced from each other and, as the shaft rotates, function as shaft scraping blades as well as carrying out axial and radial product transfer. Each kneading arm passes between two adjacent counter elements. Each counter element has at each end a radially extending lateral edge which cleans the lateral face of the adjacent kneading arm as the shaft rotates.

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