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Multi-directional signal transmission in a blast initiation system

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4821645.

The invention provides a connector, a transmitter, a bi-directional device, and a method for increasing the reliability of borehole detonation by using the connectors and transmitters provided by the invention. The invention provides connectors, each connector having a well for receiving a blasting cap, one or more ports or channels for receiving a transmission line and/or downline, and means for joining one connector with another connector in a convenient manner. The connectors are constructed so that detonation of a blasting cap in one connector will cause sympathetic detonation of a blasting cap in an adjoining connector. The detonation of blasting caps in the connectors also causes initiation of transmission lines and/or downlines which are inserted in the ports or channels through the connectors. A transmitter is comprised of one or more of these connectors with the transmission lines being arranged so that the transmitter receives a signal from one line and outputs it to at least one other transmission line or downline. A bi-directional device is provided that consists of a transmission line with blasting caps attached to each end and the caps are inserted into the wells of connectors as described below. The method of the present invention includes the use of the transmitters and arranging them such that there are at least two signal paths from which a transmitter may receive an initiation signal.

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