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Method and apparatus for processing turkey gizzards

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #4815166.

A method and apparatus for processing gizzards uses a gizzard splitter, a gizzard defatter and a gizzard peeler. The splitter includes upper and lower conveyors which define pockets for receiving an individual poultry gizzard. The pockets retain the gizzard as it is pushed over a rotating probe. The rotating probe includes a nipple-shaped head which washes foreign matter from the gizzard. The conveyor pockets also pass the gizzard by a rotating knife which slits the gizzard. The splitter includes a spray system for cleaning the upper and lower conveyor assemblies. The gizzard defatter includes a plurality of stationary picker fingers and a rotating frame having picking fingers mounted thereon. The picking fingers engage the gizzards removing fat and other debris. The peeler includes a plurality of sets of helically cut intermeshing gizzard peeler rolls or rollers and a rotating auger. A plurality of pins are positioned on the auger. The pins contact the gizzards and flip them on the gizzard peeler rollers.

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