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Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4813018.

A nonvolatile semiconductor memory device comprises a random access memory (RAM) and an electrically programmable and erasable read only memory (EEPROM). Since a capacitance (106) is formed between a control gate (103) and a drain (102) of a memory transistor, and a source of the memory transistor is rendered to be floating in the RAM write and read operation and in the EEPROM write operation and is supplied with a finite potential in EEPROM read operation, the operation of nonvolatile memory is achieved. A sense amplifier (15, 16) is amplified the potential difference between a bit line (BL) and a control gate line (CGL) is both memory operation and latches the input data in both write operation, such that the potential of the BL and the CGL are determined low or high potential. Besides in the EEPROM write operation, after latching the input data in the sense amplifier, a nonvolatile program is started such that a BL or a CGL is pumped up to program voltage (15-20 V). In the EEPROM read operation, a BL and a CGL are pre-changed in a different potential (BL<CGL) after equalizing in a same potential (BL=CGL), then the source of memory transistor is supplied with a fininte potential. Therefore, when the EEPROM transistor is conductive, is programmed "0", a BL is pre-charged more than a CGL potential (BL>CGL). After that, the sense amplifier is activated and the EEPROM data is read out.

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