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Board game apparatus representing destinations

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4809987.

A game board apparatus with a game board and two types of playing pieces. The game board is provided with a playing surface which displays a plurality of interconnected first symbols that may represent specific geographic locations interconnected by transportation routes. At some or all of the first symbols are reversibly positioned second playing pieces that may represent passengers or cargo. Each second playing piece is marked in a manner to indicate a specific first symbol that is its destination. Each of two or more players employs and moves at least one first playing piece, which may resemble an airplane or other vehicle, to carry a finite number of the second playing pieces to their specified destinations. Each player must determine which transportation routes to take and what combination and quantity of second playing pieces to load, so that he or she will maximize the utility of the limited second playing piece carrying capacity of the first playing piece by coordinating the current load with future loads. The game is over when all of the second playing pieces have been delivered to their specified destinations. The winner is the player who transported the greatest quantity or value of second playing pieces to their specified destinations.

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