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Bonding apparatus with electromagnetic wave generator

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #4804435.

Apparatus and a process for bonding a core member to a housing member, particularly, in instances in which the members do not mate in a contiguous fashion. The invention includes some manual and some semi-automatic functions, but is largely automated and computer controlled. A conveyor carries an assembly of an initially joined but unbonded core member and housing member along a series of discrete stations. After some preparatory steps in the process, an initial continuous bead of sealant is first applied on one side of the assembly to close off the space between the members and thereby form a cavity between them. The bead is cured, then the assembly is inverted and the cavity is filled with an anaerobic bonding material. A second continuous bead of sealant is then applied on the other side of the assembly to close off the remaining space between the members as well as to isolate the bonding material within the cavity. The second bead of sealant is also cured after which the fully bonded assembly is removed and replaced with a fresh assembly to be operated upon.

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