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Method and apparatus for controlling electro-magnetic particle clutch

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #4803628.

An apparatus and method for controlling an electro-magnetic particle clutch is provided. The apparatus includes first through third sensors, a memory, first through fourth calculating devices, first through third determining devices and a controller. The first sensor detects a throttle opening and outputs a first detected signal. The second sensor detects an actual engine revolution speed and outputs a second detected signal. The first calculating device calculates an engine torque in accordance with a first relationship and outputs a first calculated signal. The second calculating device calculates a tentative desired revolution speed and outputs a second calculated signal. The third sensor detects at least one of a plurality conditions in which the vehicle begins moving and outputs at least one of a plurality of detected signals. The first determining device determines a total compensation value in accordance with a third relationship and outputs a first determined signal. The third calculating device calculates a desired revolution speed and outputs a third calculated signal. The fourth calculating device calculates a feed back gain in accordance with a fifth relationships and outputs a fourth calculated signal. The second determining device determines an optimum torque in accordance with a sixth relationship, and outputs a second determined signal. The third determining device determines a control voltage in accordance with a seventh relationship, and outputs the third determined signal. The controller controls electric current supplied to a magnetizing coil of the electro-magnetic particle clutch in accordance with the determined control voltage.

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