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Video timing system which has signal delay compensation and which is responsive to external synchronization

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #4803553.

A video timing system is provided for clocking an imaging sensor as well as for clocking a downstream video monitor and NTSC encoder. Due to signal processing delays between the sensor and the monitor/encoder, the first pixel is clocked out of the sensor prior to beginning the rasters of the monitor and encoders by a time period which is equal to the signal processing delay. In this manner, the first pixel out of the sensor is displayed at the beginning of the video rasters. In response to a video signal from an external source, the video monitor and NTSC timing is adjusted so as to be synchronous with the external source. Timing adjustment of the sensor is facilitated by the fact that the time period for early clocking of the sensor is unchanged whether or not the external video signal is present.

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