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Device for detecting presence of micro-organisms in a sample

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4801547.

A device for transferring a portion of a sample to a culture medium to detect the presence of microorganisms in the sample comprises: a supporting member including two panels hinged together along one edge to permit the panels to assume a folded condition with one panel folded over the other, or an open condition; a culture medium carried on the face of one or both panels facing each other when the panels are in their folded condition; and a transfer member adapted to be supported between the faces of the two panels when in their folded condition and dimensioned such that the opposite ends of the transfer member project from the opposite ends of the culture medium, whereby one projecting end may be brought into contact with the sample to pick-up a part thereof, and the opposite projecting end may be grasped by the user and pulled to move the one end of the transfer member between the contacting faces of the folded panels to transfer and dilute, by smearing, the picked-up sample to the culture medium.

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