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Storage space for liquids, with a flushing device

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4800907.

The invention concerns a storage space for liquids, especially a rain-basin or sewer-backup space, with at least one flushing chamber that is positioned at the maximum height of the bottom of the storage space, that can be filled with storage liquid, and that emits the storage liquid in the form of a torrent of flushing water through at least one flushing opening when the storage space empties.The object of the invention is accordingly a storage space for liquids with a flushing device wherein the storage space fills automatically and wherein the flushing process is automatically initiated subsequent to each storage process without outside energy.This object is attained in that the flushing chamber automatically fills with storage liquid as the level of storage liquid rises, means of retaining the storage liquid in the flushing chamber once it has arrived therein are provided, and the flushing opening is closed off and opened up by a closure controlled by the level of storage liquid in the storage space.

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