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Golf bag carrier

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4792152.

A golf bag carrier fitted to a golb bag 30 includes a spine 10 secured to the bag. In the travelling mode of the carrier, the handle 12 is extended from the upper end 20 of the spine 10 and the spigot 34 of wheel frame 14 is engaged with socket 32 on the spine 10. A pair of wheels 16 is provided on the wheel frame. In the storage mode, the wheels 16 are removed from the wheel frame 14 and the second spigot 50 of the wheel frame 16 is engaged with the socket 32. The wheels 16 are placed on the spike element 52 at the lower end 22 of the spine 10 and the handle 12 is retracted into the spine 10.

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