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Two-wheeled hand truck construction

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4790547.

An improved two-wheeled hand truck, with a pair of horizontally spaced, vertically extending side rails, connected to form a primary frame, has axle-supporting brackets fixed to the lower end of each side rail and extending rearwardly therefrom to support an axle and a pair of wheels. An angle-shaped nose plate, having a forwardly extending load support platform, and an upturned rear wall, releasably mounts a generally T-shaped pedestal part with a post which is receivable within the side rail for releasably securing each of the side rails to the forwardly extending portion of the nose plate. A second rigid connection to resist pivoting of the nose plate is provided on each wheel supporting bracket, at a spaced distance rearwardly from each side rail for fixing the upturned portion of the nose plate to each bracket.

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