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Truck washing machine for washing trailer interiors using water under pressure as remote sole source of power, control and wash liquid

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4784166.

A hydraulic circuit and a wheeled self-propelled moveable frame provides a one-way feed of water under pressure selectively bearing a liquid soap or a liquid rinse chemical via a wind up hose mounted on a spool via a drive motor to axle to belt to clutch to shaft on the moveable frame through a multi-way directional valve to a water powered drive motor for driving the moveable frame forward and reverse relative to an open end of a vehicle body and said spool. A water cylinder changes the angle of inclination of a floor nozzle tube rotatable about its axis horizontally at the front of the moveable frame and bears a series of longitudinally spaced nozzles, when the machine travel reverses towards the open end of the vehicle body. The multi-way directional valve changes the water flow direction upon impact of a sensor operatively coupled thereto and projecting forwardly of the front of the wheeled self-propelled moveable frame. The rear mounted multi-way directional valve has a plunger which is manually or otherwise depressed to change the direction of water flow and to fluid communicate a power inlet port of the directional valve to a power supply port connected to the machine drive motor to effect forward movement of the moveable frame within the vehicle body. Water under pressure supplied remotely through the hose forms the sole source of motor power, controls system components and effects washing and rinsing of the vehicle body interior.

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