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Frame assembly and dither drive for a coriolis rate sensor

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4782700.

An apparatus for producing signals indicative of both a Coriolis rate and an acceleration along a preferred axis while decoupling extraneous vibration and motion that would introduce errors into the signals, and a driving mechanism for vibrating the apparatus at a dither frequency. The apparatus includes a parallelogram frame (50) including two accelerometer support surfaces (24, 26) on which are mounted two accelerometers (20 and 22) having their sensitive axes in parallel alignment. The accelerometer support surfaces are connected to opposite ends of a flex member (52), which includes six flexures (32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42) having parallel bending axes. Two of the flexures (34, 38) are disposed at opposite ends of one side of each flexure member, and have a "long" axis that is substantially parallel to the sensitive axes of the accelerometers and aligned with a line connecting their centers of percussion. The centers of mass of the accelerometers and their associated supporting surfaces are coincident with the centers of percussion, and are rigidly connected by the two flexures and by one side (30) of each flex member. This solid metal path between the centers of percussion minimizes common mode errors. A driving mechanism (64) is connected to the parallelogram frame and is opertive to drive the accelerometers at a desired frequency, causing them to vibrate back and forth in a direction substantially transverse to their sensitive axes. The driving mechanism includes a mounting plate (72) and a coil frame (66) on which are mounted two electromagnetic coils (70) having a "C" shaped core (80). The driving mechanism is mounted so that the core faces a pole piece (84) attached to the parallelogram frame and its moment of inertia is trimmed to equal that of the parallelogram frame. It is connected to the parallelogram by a link (88) and provides a reactionless driving force.

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