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Electronic map display system for use on vehicle

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #4780717.

An electronic map display system for use on a vehicle comprises a display unit for displaying one of a map or a menu of the names of a plurality of particular regions, a map data storage medium for storing map data on the particular regions and name information on the particular regions, a manual controller having a name retrieval key, a setting key, and cursor keys, and an electronic control unit for controlling the display on the display unit in response to instructions from the manual controller. Upon reception of an instruction produced by the name retrieval key of the manual controller, the electronic control unit reads the name information on the particular regions from the map data storage medium, displays the region names as the menu on the display unit, and selects one of the display region names through operation of the cursor keys. When the setting key is depressed, the electronic control unit reads map data related to the region name on the cursor position from the map data storage medium, and displays the map of the selected particular region on the display unit.

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