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Apparatus for producing blocks with at least one pocket divider, as well as pocket divider

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4779897.

An apparatus (24) for the simultaneous production of all the sheet layers, including pocket dividers, for blocks, as well as for the complete production of said blocks has a manufacturing or production means (25) for the pocket dividers folded along a fold line and glued along a line at angles thereto, in which the pocket dividers are simultaneously cohesively produced in multi-unit size form over the working width in the same way as the remaining sheet layers of the block, then the remaining multi-unit size partial layers of the block are supplied and finally are cut commonly into the individual units. This leads to a fully automatic production of blocks comprising pocket dividers without any intermediate storage of the pocket dividers and as each of the pocket dividers can be produced with only one single back layer, a considerable material saving is achieved.

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