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Heat exchanger assembly with integral fin unit

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4778004.

A heat exchanger assembly of the side-entry cross-fin type includes first and second integral fin units, each comprising a single sheet of material provided with a plurality of aligned apertures, the sheet of material being folded in accordian-fashion such that the apertures define a plurality of notches arranged in rows which extend longitudinally of the fin unit. Two of the fin units are assembled together with a single length of heat exchange tube which threads the notches of the fin units, the tube extending over an oval-shaped helical path through the two fin units. In another embodiment, a single folded fin unit is provided with notches in fins on its upper and lower surface, a single length of tube being wrapped around the single fin unit threading the apertures therein, the tube extending in a generally oval-shaped helix path.

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