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Method and apparatus for cooling a high temperature waste gas using a jetting bed, fluidized bed technique

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4776388.

A method and apparatus for cooling of hot waste gases using a jetting bed, fluidized bed technique. A nozzle or plurality of nozzles inject the hot waste gases upwardly into a bed of solid particulate material contained in a housing, with the jet of hot gases fluidizing the bed and being dissipated therein without substantially disturbing the surface of the bed of solids. With use of a horizontally extending bed, a plurality of nozzles are spaced such that the jets of hot waste gases do not impinge upon one another. With use of a vertically extending housing, a single jet of hot waste gases may be used. The hot solids in the enclosure may be removed therefrom, cooled and returned, or heat transfer tubes may be provided in the housing, out of the area of contact of hot waste gases, to remove heat therefrom.

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