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Timed feeding system for dairy cattle

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4770124.

A timed feeding system for dairy cattle includes a timer controlled air compressor, a pneumatic cylinder having a reciprocable piston, and a master cable fastened at one end to the piston, to reciprocate with the piston. A plurality of cable support brackets maintain the master cable in a horizontal orientation. A pulley is mounted rotatably in each cable support bracket, and a lift cable, attached to the master cable near the pulley, rides over the pulley and hangs vertically. Attached to the bottom end portion of each lift cable is a ball valve. The ball valve normally is seated in the discharge opening of a feed storage and dispensing container supported below its associated cable support bracket. The compressor is operable to move the piston, master cable and lift cables, to raise each ball valve and permit discharge of feed previously loaded into the container. A plurality of bolts are arranged in a grid pattern across the open top of each container. A rigid sleeve, surrounding each lift cable, is attached at its upper end to its associated cable mounting bracket and at the lower end to its associated grid, to protect the lift cable from any contact with the dairy cattle.

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