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Round-to-flat cable assembly

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4769906.

An electrical cable assembly comprising a round cable having an end portion provided with an adaptor for terminating the round cable in a flat cable connector. The adaptor has a cylindrical end portion disposed for receiving therein a jacketed end portion of the round cable, an intermediate transitional portion wherein a plurality of conductors extending from the cable end portion are permitted to cross over one another and be formed with an array of juxtaposed conductor end portions, and a rectangular end portion out of which the array of juxtaposed conductor end portions extends. The rectangular end portion is provided with outer dimension and resilient properties similar to an equivalent flat cable for insertion and latching into a flat cable connector where the conductor end portions terminating at respective distances from a mating surface of the adaptor extend into respective grooves and are electrically connected to respective contacts of the connector in a predetermined manner.

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