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Process for the production of coverings exhibiting a cracked appearance and the product obtained therefrom

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4764411.

A process for the production of synthetic coverings for floors, walls, etc. which exhibit a cracked effect is presented. The process includes the step of depositing on a compatible substrate, a plastisol coating composition containing a gel previously prepared from a mixture of two materials, the mixture being comprised of (1) a solid sorbent agent and (2) a solvent which causes swelling by absorption of the solvent in and on the sorbent agent; or alternately, by an aqueous dispersion of a (1) dry mixture of PVC and of (2) a plasticizer containing at least one resin forming a gel in water. Subsequent to depositing this plastisol coating on the substrate, a thermal treatment for the formation of a film or for drying is carried out at a sufficient temperature whereby an irreversible process of preliminary gelling of the coating and shrinkage of the gel by desorption of the solvent from the sorbent agent or by evaporation of the water, respectively, simultaneously occurs. Thereafter, conventional finishing operations may be carried out on the synthetic coverings.

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