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Ratio measuring cup

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4762251.

A dual chamber Brix measuring cup which can be used to determine whether a fountain syrup dispenser is dispensing the proper ratio of water to syrup, referred to a a Brix measurement. The cup is basically two abutting cylindrical chambers, one to receive water dispensed from the nozzle and the other adapted to receive the syrup by means of a diverter tube. The cross sectional areas of the water and syrup chambers are in the ratio of the ideal water to syrup ratio in the dispensed product. In a first embodiment, a series of calibrated marks are provided on each of the two chambers, such that the mismatch of column heights can be translated into a reading of acceptability, for example if the syrup and water heights are within two lines of each other, that enable a tolerance band of acceptable mismatches to be easily seen visually. In a second embodiment, a slider element is provided which is vertically slideable on the syrup chamber. A calibration mark thereon is aligned with the syrup height, and when the water height falls within a tolerance range marked on the slider element, an acceptable ratio is indicated.

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