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Multi-level-stacking/nesting tray

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #4759451.

A multi-level stacking/nesting tray is disclosed in which the trays are configured to permit multi-level stacking through an interlocking stacking leg/slot configuration. A plurality of slots are formed at an angle from the vertical and are disposed in groups in two end locations of two opposing end walls of the tray. The slots in a selected group have progressively lower terminating points to thus permit varying levels of stacking/nesting. The slots are also configured so that the terminating point of each of the slots with a group lies along the same vertical line. Stacking legs are disposed on the exterior surface of the end walls of the tray at the location of the slots and are appropriately angled so as to permit insertion of the legs of a first tray into the corresponding slots of a second tray positioned below the first tray. By proper selection of a particular slot having the desired terminating point, various levels of stacking may be obtained.

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