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Game apparatus utilizing a ball controlled electrical switch

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4754980.

A game apparatus consisting of a housing, the interior of the housing has electrical wiring and a power switch including a switching means, for starting and stopping a toy motor. The motor being coupled to spin a multi-disk assembly. The disks are divided into sectors and each sector as a symbol marking printed thereon. When the switching means causes the motor to spin, the disks free-spin around the motor shaft. When the switching means disconnect the motor from the electrical power source, the disks coast to a stop. An indicating means designates two random symbols in alignment.The random symbol generator in conjunction with a multiplication type game board is used as a "non-problem solving" educational game.In an another embodiment, the random symbol generator is used in conjunction with a marble operated switching means, wherein a marble is aimed at a target opening, its entrance into the target opening closes the switching means, thereby causing the multi-disk symbol generator to spin. The exiting of the marble opens the switching means, the multi-disks coast to a stop, designating two symbols in alignment with an indice means, this embodiment being the nucleus of a unique marble aiming skill strategy game.

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