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Catheters and methods

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4753640.

Catheter tubes of elastomeric material having novel lumen shapes which prevent occlusion and accommodate continued liquid flow even when kinked. Also, catheter tube slit valves are disclosed, the walls of which are not chemically weakened. Symmetrical and asymmetrical versions of said slit valves are disclosed. Combinations of highly reliable slip valves and catheter tubes are disclosed. Independently operable multi-lumen catheter assemblies of synthetic material, such as silicone rubber are disclosed, wherein the distal end of each lumen is normally closed by a three-position slit valve formed in a catheter tube covering. Multi-lumen catheters, and related methods, are also disclosed wherein the lumens are internal at the proximal and distal ends of the catheter tube but comprise separate tubes in between whereby, following placement of the distal end of the catheter tube in the body cavity of a patient, the unified proximal end of the tube is manipulated, sometimes subcutaneously, with the ultimately exposed tubes being thereafter severed and each equipped with a hub at a convenient exposed body site for selective independent passage of influent and effluent liquid along each lumen.

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