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Screen placement method and apparatus

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4750571.

A screen placement apparatus and system wherein the apparatus includes a motor for providing rotational torque to an auger received within a ground screen and a disposable cutting tip having a cutting diameter equal to or greater than the outer diameter of the screen is connected to the end of the auger. The screen is placed into the ground by simultaneously drilling the hole with the disposable cutting tip, drawing the drill cuttings up through the screen with the auger, and inserting the screen into the hole. The drill cuttings, drawn up through the hole, are discharged through discharge openings. After the desired depth is reached, the auger and motor are longitudinally moved with respect to the screen and cutting tip thereby permanently disconnecting the disposable cutting tip and leaving it within the ground. The auger is, thereafter, retracted from within the ground screen. In an alternate embodiment, a retractable cutting bit is provided for drilling a hole of equal or greater diameter than the screen and, thereafter, being retracted up through the screen along with the auger. A plug is provided for plugging the screen at a desired depth.

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