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Removal of old split-pin assemblies from guide tubes and replacement by new split-pin assemblies

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #4748733.

The guide tube is mounted on a fixture with the split-pins of each old split-pin assembly straddling a knife edge. The nut of each old split-pin assembly is engaged by a socket of a wrench and a high torque is impressed on the nut. The torque is of sufficient magnitude to shear the weld by which the nut is joined to the split-pin and/or to shear the pin particularly at the edge of a keyway where a button to which the weld is joined is engaged. The knife edge which each split-pin straddles prevents the pin from turning under the torque applied to the nut. After the weld or the pin is sheared the nut or the nut and the pin fragment joined to it is unthreaded from the pin or pin fragment and the separated parts are disposed of. Typically the nut of an old split-pin assembly has diametrically cut slots in its wall. The socket of the wrench is provided with projections which engage the nut in the slots. The torque is applied to the nut through these projections.

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