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Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4748717.

A hinge is disclosed which has a barrel 12 which is screw threaded at least at its ends. A grub screw 16 is inserted into one end of the barrel and can be screwed into and out of the barrel to adjust the relative height of a pin 22 inserted into the barrel to enable the height of a gate to be adjusted. The hinge can be used as a left or right hand hinge by simply inverting the hinge and screwing the grub screw 16 into the appropriate end of the hinge. An intermediate element 70 may be included to adjust for misalignment of the gates. The intermediate element has an eccentric bore 73 and the element can be rotated within the barrel 12 and locked to the pin 22 to adjust the pivot point of the pin 22 in the barrel 12 and thereby adjust for any misalignment of the hinge.

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