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Drier felting arrangement

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4744156.

A web drier wherein the fabric carries the web to be dried around a plurality of drier drums in a sequence with at least one turning roll positioned between each roll in the sequence so that the web carried on the fabric is in direct face-to-face contact with each of the drums. The fabric is in face-to-face contact with each of the rolls between the drums and the web is held to the fabric by suction applied by blow boxes appropriately located relative to each turning roll. The rolls may be arranged in stacks with there being two turning rolls between adjacent stacks at one end of the stacks and none at the other. This arrangement improves the drying capacity of the drier by insuring that the web is in direct contact with the heated surface of the drier drums and may be used with existing 2-tier drier drum arrangements or with drums stacked higher or even as a single row of drums.

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