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Mailbox with signal flags

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4738392.

A mailbox provided with a first signal flag mounted for rotation between a first position indicating the presence of mail in the box to be picked up by the mail carrier and a second, neutral position is disclosed. A flange depending from the first signal flag is adapted to frictionally engage a portion of the mailbox door when the first signal flag is in the first position thereby retaining the first signal flag in the first position. When the mailbox door is opened, for example, by a mail carrier, the frictional engagement is broken and gravity causes the first signal flag to rotate to the second, neutral position. The mailbox is provided with a second signal flag mounted for rotation between a first position indicating that a mail carrier has opened the mailbox door to insert mail and a second, neutral position. The second signal flag has a depending flange adapted to be engaged by a portion of mailbox door when the second signal flag is in the neutral position, as the mailbox door is moved from a closed position towards an open position. Continued movement of the door towards the open position causes rotation of the second signal flag to the first position where it can be frictionally held. In one embodiment, the mailbox door and the first and second signal flags are mounted for rotation about a common axis.

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