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Optical disk drive

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #4736356.

An optical disk drive of the type adapted to use an optical disk cartridge formed by an optical disk mounted about a hub within an enclosure. When inserted into the optical disk drive, the cartridge is received and supported by a pan. A control handle for controlling the disk drive can be rotated between a load position, a run position, a spin-down position, and an eject position. The handle is coupled to the pan by a linkage. When the handle is rotated to either its run or spin-down positions, the linkage positions the pan at a run/spin-down position at which the hub of the disk is engaged with a drive spindle. When rotated to either its load or eject positions, the linkage causes the pan to be in a load/eject position at which the cartridge can be inserted into or removed from the pan. The position of the handle is detected by optical sensors which provide signals representative thereof to control circuitry. The control circuitry activates a drive motor when the handle is in its run position, and deactivates the drive motor when the handle is moved to its spin-down position. A spin-down interlock mechanism is interfaced to the control circuitry and permits the handle to be rotated from the run position back to the load and eject positions only after a predetermined spin-down time period has elapsed after the handle has been rotated to the spin-down position. The cartridge is ejected from the disk drive when the handle is rotated to its eject position.

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