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Bearing ring for supporting items on solid or hollow cylindrical parts

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4732492.

The cylinder may be an aircraft landing gear axle. The items may be pick-ups the sense axle deformation. A ring (30) for supporting the pick-ups is made of highly resilient material. It is initially of such a size that its cylinder-engaging surface overlaps the cylindrical surface it is to engage. The ring is then deformed by urging at least two points (34 to 37) around its circumference to increase the degree of overlap. While maintaining the deforming force on the ring, its cylinder-engaging surface (31) is machined so that there is no longer any overlap, and still maintaining the force, the ring is engaged with the cylinder. The force is then removed. The said points move resiliently away from the cylinder, but intermediate points are consequently resiliently urged into contact with the cylinder. The contact is smooth and progressive, thus avoiding the kind of stress concentrations that could reduce cylinder life by fatigue, etc.

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